House of desneiges

Playful and provocative lingerie & accessories from American designer, DesNeiges

House of DesNeiges tells the story of imaginative & headstrong little girls who grow up to be confident, sexy women. The designer, DesNeiges, creates fashion that is equal parts playful and provocative, just like she is. Girls around the world have come to love the brand for its dedication to designing for what women really want. Quality & comfort are foremost, but always with our own unique twist. From the boardroom to the bedroom, have fun in your undies with House of DesNeiges!

Our goal is to make every woman feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, whether they're going to work, going out, or staying in while still expressing their own one-of-a-kind personalities. 




These are the panties your mom warned you about. A daring panty line inspired by the girls who choose to defy the crowd and rock their own unique style. Bras optional, because life's a breeze in these!  

A sweet & sexy assortment of American Nouveau lingerie designed to be worn from the boardroom to the bedroom, Petit Four brings everyday sexy to the professional woman. Bold style meets practical wear & durable construction in this high quality line from House of DesNeiges.

Like a deep & smoky dram of whiskey, this alluring collection of lingerie appeals to those who appreciate the finer things in life.