April 23, 2018
You are What You Wear

Lingerie is the garment that’s closest to your heart, and should be made with the heart it takes to enjoy it. The ethics of in the lingerie industry has not always had a clean slate. The conditions that some brands allow in order to deliver to a bra at a shockingly low price can be appalling. And buying into those brands doesn’t encourage them to improve their standards either. It’s like watching a waiter be rude to his co worker, and then you give that person a nice tip and just hope they don’t do it again.

Some of the main keys to an ethical lingerie brand is the quantity of pieces there are, setting a reasonable price, and making it with love.

House of DesNeiges ethically makes each design in small quantities to ensure each piece is done with a high quality standard. That way the lingerie pieces can be made with individual care and intimate attention and our creators can hold the attention and stamina to do that. And the smaller the quantity the more unique the style!

Bras and underwear are expensive, we get it. But what’s more expensive is the guilt of degrading someone’s livelihood for the sake of a few bucks. In House of DesNeiges when our workers can get their bills paid then they’re happy, we’re happy, and our lingerie seem a bit happier too.

Making lingerie with love is just as easy as making your favorite dessert with love. You just have to care about the end result the most, and for House of DesNeiges, the lingerie and the wearer is our first care. And to make our lingerie with love, we can’t rely on impossible deadlines. A rushed and pressured environment for our work and creators is like adding curry to icing; it’s a horrible idea and will only go wrong. That’s why we allow ample time for the designs to get the attention they need in more, just in case.  

With these ethical keys in mind, you can rest assured that House of DesNeiges delivers bras, lingerie, and panties that we enjoyed making so you can enjoy wearing it!

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