February 22, 2018
Words from the Wise: 8 lessons from incredible black women

This post is an ode to black women. An ode to the demographic that shows us what  it means to be fearlessly strong, resilient, and loving. They’ve lived through enough struggle to give us the wisdom and lessons some will only get after a long time. Here’s a list of the 8 best lessons some of the most experienced and well known black women of our time have graciously provided us:

-”If we can deal with our discomfort, and just relax into it, we’ll have a better life.”-Mellody Hobson

-”Whatever you attach ‘I am-’ to you will become.” -Iyanla Vanzant

-"Why can I treat people better than I treat myself?…” -Shonda Rhimes


-”Even when you come to the race at a deficit, you gotta run the same race.”-Viola Davis


-”If you don’t have any boundaries you’re gonna be a puppet. And at the same time you have to live with yourself.” -Viola Davis


-”Courage is the most important of all of the virtues. Because without courage you  can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can’t be consistently kind, or fair, humane, or generous. Without courage the because if you  don’t have it sooner or later you’ll stop it and you’ll eh, the difficulty is too much, the challenge is too great.”-Maya Angelou


-”Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is the key to success.”-Michelle Obama


-”Self love, it is very important that it comes from within. That you have a sense of yourself. So that when you walk into an office you don’t go alone. Bring  your people with you. Bring everyone who has loved you with you.”-Maya Angelou

Shout out to the black women brave enough to share these truths with us and remind us what we’re capable of. Growing and learning to be this wise will take a lot more than just a list. And some days it’ll take a little extra push, some extra “me time,” or an extra sassy panty to remind yourself how fearless and wise you’ve learned to be.


-Art by Amy Sherald