February 20, 2018
Valentine's Day Lingerie

In search of the perfect lingerie for Valentine’s?

You want to buy your Valentine lingerie, but not just any lingerie. You’re looking for something gorgeous that reflects her personality, cute panties or maybe the whole delicious satin shebang…but you don’t know where to start. All you know is that you want her to be impressed by your choice, not scrambling for the return counter the minute you look away or worse have the result of all your hard work left to lead a lonely existence at the back of the panty drawer!

It’s difficult to purchase intimate apparel for your lover when you want to surprise them with something new. Really, where do you get your experience in selecting the right piece? Your mother? The mannequins in the lingerie section at your local department store? Perhaps the porn you “accidentally” watched last week? No, No and NO!

None of the above are recommended subjects for inspiration! Find your inspiration by taking a long look at your Love – take in everything about her. Consider her interests and her amazing style or perhaps think back to that time when she told you EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS. You know she probably has done that already right? Ha ha. Look, it’s okay if you can’t remember, that’s cool. Take to our advice and you’ll be fine!

Pay attention to your lady.

Have you got yourself a lady who loves that Golden Age Hollywood look? Does she adore the black and white screen sirens of old, their finger curled hair and beauty spots? Well, you’re in luck! Shopping for a Screen Goddess is easy – look for understated glamor. Stick to light colors in silk with just a hint of lace peeking through. This style is all about the allure of what you can’t see, so think slips and teddys with feather or lace trim. Be sure to include a flowing delicate floor length robe for sexy sashaying after a romantic dinner!

Some of our favorite lingerie pays homage to the 50’s and 60’s – bright, cheeky and lots of fun! If this sounds like your girl, then look of for a high-waisted panty with added details like lace panels and garter belts.  Think innocent mint greens and baby pinks, with little bursts of brightness. A sheer pink baby doll with flirty ruffles screams 60’s.

Remember to go for colors and shapes that reflect her personality. Go for something like SPC’s Nora g-string if you’re looking to feed her naughty side. A thong that features a graphic print is a playful yet practical (bye-bye panty lines) addition to any girls wardrobe.

BUYING TIP: Be sure to take a sneak peek at the tag of one of her favorite bras and memorize that size! Your lady is then free to enjoy immediate satisfaction.

When it comes to delicates shopping for that gorgeous, yet mysterious girl you’ve just started dating, impress her with some sophisticated lingerie. Stick to black with small details, like a red contrasting trim or tiny sheer ruffles. If you’re starting to get serious and want to show her you’re interested in the long term, go with one of our panty subscriptions. It’s the perfect gift to subtle hint you’re ready for commitment.

Remember to go for class over crass and buy quality materials. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you definitely don’t want her new lingerie falling apart after one wash (speaking of wash, check out our delicates washing bag). Look for cotton, lycra, or silk on the clothing tag. It’s easy to find quality synthetic blends like cotton and rayon as well.

Buying lingerie can be super tough, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for, us girls know it! When in doubt, go with your first choice. Sometimes it’s best not to over-think it,  but be assured – if you follow our guide, the appreciation for all your effort will be worth more than a thousand gold necklaces could ever be! Be sure to comment and let us know how your Valentine’s Day went.