June 27, 2018
Too Much Sexy, Too little Space

The lingerie draw of every womans’ dresser is always overflowing with pieces you can’t remember existed. And especially in the culturally smaller living spaces of Asia, lingerie storage can turn into a huge mess a lot sooner than others. So here are some steps from House of DesNeiges to organizing your lingerie.

Start by taking all your bras out and dividing them into piles:

  1. Bras that are stained, dinghy, stretched out, frayed or have broken parts, like underwires, strap adjusters or hooks. This also includes bras with misshapen cups.
  2. Bras that you rarely wear because they don’t fit correctly, are uncomfortable or don’t work with your wardrobe. For instance, if you have a bra that doesn’t fit on any hook connection, it belongs in this pile. If your breasts spill out of a bra’s cups or don’t fill the cups, put it in the pile. If, for whatever reason, a bra is just plain uncomfortable, it goes here. And, if a bra has been sitting in your drawer unworn because it’s never right for anything you wear, put it in the pile.
  3. Bras that are good enough: you wear them occasionally, especially when other bras are in the laundry. They’re still serviceable and fit you well enough.

Special Note: You might have another pile in between these; let’s call it 3.5. These are specialty bras you may have bought for one specific outfit. For instance, you may have a longline bra or backless bra or something you bought for one special neckline. We all like to hold on to these in case we need them again and that’s fine. But, try them on first. If a bra has been sitting in the back of your drawer for years the elastic may have decayed, the size may no longer fit you, the cups may have lost their shape. If that’s the case, put them in the discard pile and add that style as a ‘maybe’ on your replacement list.

  1. Your favorite bras. These are the bras you go to all the time. They fit perfectly, the colors are right, they look great on you and they’re in great shape.

So, four piles of bras. What should you do with each?

Discard that first pile without a second look. For the second pile, we suggest you divide them further into bras that are gently used or pristine and those that have some wear. For gently used bras, you might want to consider donating them to an organization like the Bra Recylclers or Bras for a Cause. The rest should be “taken care of”, Liam Neeson style.

Consider discarding the good-enough bras as well. This type of lingerie is place-holders for the bras you really should have. They’re in your wardrobe because you may not have enough of the right bras to begin with.

Now you’re left with a collection of bras you really like. Because you’ve trashed other bras, are you now missing an important piece? Check out the Perfect Lingerie Collection post to see what should be in your drawer. While you might not need everything on the list, most of these belong in your bra collection. I think it’s a good idea to make a list of the brands (including the size you wear in each brand) and styles that you’ve already got covered. Make another list of what you want to buy to fill out your bra wardrobe. On House of DeNeiges, you can search by collection, size, bra style and even color to update your lingerie wardrobe.

Once you’ve done your bra audit and updated your collection; you’ll have a drawer full of bras that fit your body, your personal style and your wardrobe.

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