February 08, 2018
Self Love for Valentine's Day

February is the month of love, love, love. Whether your in a romantic relationship or just learning to love yourself, it’s the time to ensure that your love is grown and known. But the most important relationship and person to show that love to is yourself.

The first step to self love is recognizing that perfection is a myth. The word perfect, is actually an adjective, making it based it a word to describe and compare things. “Perfect” isn’t actually a concrete thing or concept, it’s fluid based on opinion. Perfect is opinion. As is the word “flaw”, and it’s negative connotations. Which means there are 7 billion different definition of what is “perfect” and what is a “flaw”. So if we’re being honest with ourselves, spoiler alert;  the meaning of perfect and flaw is about as factual as the toothfairy.

Now that we know the toothfairy, perfection, and flaws, are a lie, it’s time to recognize how that’s shaped our view of ourselves. Look at yourself honestly and pick out what you thought were, “flaws.” Who told you they were bad in the first place? You have two answers; 1. Someone whose opinion you cared too much about 2. That someone is you. Now we have two solutions; 1. That someone who told you it was a flaw is talking fairytales and they need to fade away from your life, just like your belief in a real life Santa Clause. 2. You need to stop being your own worst bully. You wouldn’t make your best friend feel like that would you? Hell no.

So if your “flaws” aren’t actually flaws, then what are they? They’re signs that you’re a living breathing human being with a body that  knows how to heal itself. Can you imagine if spiders if had that power too? (I’m sorry I made you think of that). They’re basically your super powers. And they’re what make you unique. If we were all “perfect”, there would nothing to make us cool and interesting.

Now that we’ve accepted our flaws as super powers, it’s time to keep up the good work with the proactive part of self love. You know how your dream partner probably encourages you and points out all your quite little quirks like a romantic indie movie with a weird yellow sunny day filter that’s also kinda blurry all the time? Well imagine you are that romantic partner, making note of all the quite little quirks, but about yourself. Notice the small things that make you uniquely adorable. Don’t just let it go unnoticed. Stop for a second and say, “Damn, that was adorable.” Check out your cute self!


Most importantly, don’t forget to be patient with yourself. You’re not gonna be a self love guru everyday. Sometimes, we just suck and get stuck, and that’s ok. That’s what growing old is about. You just gotta watch your thoughts, and try your best not to die or self hate. Practice makes Progress. You got this! Now go love on your cute sexy self with something that only you know makes you happy. Maybe it’s House of DesNeiges Lingerie, maybe it’s not. Just go do it anyway.