June 10, 2018

Pride is all about love, love, love; Self love & self acceptance, sharing the love with friends, and family, and receiving the love from those that care. But most importantly, LGBTQ Pride and Pride festival is about more than being proud to be your unique and true self.

House of DesNeiges knows that being yourself can be really tough when there are so many things telling you to be one way or another. And finding a wardrobe that matches your unique self is equally as hard.
House  of DesNeiges has three unique collections to find the lingerie wardrobe perfect for feelin’ yourself and Pride.

You know that person who’s a little wild, a little shy, a little passionate, and a little off-beat in the most fabulous of ways. House of DesNeiges first collection, SPC or Secret Panty Club is for that person. It’s a panty exclusive collection so it’s also for the person that let’s their nips do as they please! We like to say the SPC is for unique cheeks only. This Pride collection features black mesh polka dots, sassy bikini cuts, bold prints. These are the panties your mom warned you about. A daring panty line inspired by the girls who choose to defy the crowd and rock their own unique style.

You know how there’s several different types of drag? There’s pin up drag, goth drag, quirky drag and even the more simple and casual drag. House of DesNeiges Pride collection called Petit Four is for the quirky one with sweet tooth and sometimes a sweet mood but forever in a comfy mood. Petit Four is an all American lingerie line inspired by french fashions and life’s sweetest treats: Desserts + Comfort. Designed using fabric made of bamboo, a hypo-allergenic material that hugs the body gently leaving you in wearable comfort all day long that lasts for many more days to come.

Some people’s personality can be described with just a few words. And if one of those words is expensive, then Whiskey Kissed is the hod collection for Pride. With customized details like gold latch fasteners, designer dyed satin, and hand cut lace, you can feel your worth without showing the world it, except for maybe on Pride =).

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