February 20, 2018
Free the Nipple

Nipple me this…

Why’s the nipple still airbrushed out of ad campaigns involving sheer bras. I’ve never understood the indecency laws surrounding a little flashing of the nip! Lingerie presents better with a little areola front and center. That’s the whole point of sheer lingerie! The peep show!  A little bit of digging into why my favorite part of the female anatomy has had the main attraction brushed into beige, and this is what I found:

Coney Island isn’t just known for being the super fun place to ride rollercoasters, and where the coolest punk Joey Ramone liked to take his dates.. (Oh Oh I Love Her So! – Best love song to come out of the 80’s.)  It was also at Coney Island one summer in the 1930’s that 4 were arrested for nipple exposure.   *GASP*   Dude nipples out.  On the beach. In the summer time. Insanity right?!  Well, thus began the fight for a man’s right to #freethenipple.

Protests by bare chested men lasted until 1936 when the ban was lifted and it was declared that Men’s Nipples were Natural and Commonplace. Hooray for hairy nipples! But what about us ladies?  Our breasts deserve to be free to do what they want to do, be what they want to be! I’d argue they are more deserving of the freedom, whatwith the conditions some have to put up with, what with cheap bra’s and underwires, and wanting to escape.. aargh!  (BTW, It pays to look after your girls in well-fitting, delicate soft bras, Ladies. 😀 )

It would be years before women where given the same Nipple Rights as men.  In only 5 states of the US, thanks largely to 7 women who, in 1986, protested the laws in Rochester, New York, can you let ’em fly.  Crazy I know!   Lucky you if you’re living in New York, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio or Texas. Don’t be afraid to rock out with your top out!

For everyone else, whatever you’re into is great, but there is nothing indecent, and everything sexy, fun and powerful about a confident woman owning body and owning what she wears and how she wears it.  They are the women I’m in awe of: They are the women heading to work, riding on trains and kicking it in the street.

In 2005 a woman was arrested in New York for going topless in public. Considering the law had been changed for over 15 years, it all seemed a little ridiculous. She was later freed and received compensation.  In a time when there is so much Crazy happening in the world to cause even the strongest of us to want to curl up in bed for a long while, the feeling of control and confidence within yourself, your body and what you wear is something to be embraced. If a girl is confident enough to strut her stuff, she should and more power to her. I might not be totally confident doing it, but lord loves the girls that can! And while getting your groove on topless in the street sounds like so much fun, I think it will be long time coming before it’s a socially acceptable thing to do in downtown Middlesville. We can take heart from those little rebels Miley, Rhianna et al continuously pushing the Social Media laws and wearing FaceBook and Instagram down 2 Nipples at a time.The rest of us will have to be content cutting loose UNDER our outer layers!

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