June 10, 2018
Festival Wear

Tis the season for jamming and bonding with the close crew in the middle of nowhere. This summer‘s festival season is bound to have incredible memories made that should also never be spoken of in front of your parents ever. That is unless, your wardrobe malfunctions and all your memories consist of digging out wedgies, slinging mud off your shorts, or getting your bra to stay in one place.

With long hours away from the tent and or van and or homebase, you gotta be prepared for long hours of dancing around, running to stages, and playing numerous games of find the festival friends. There’s far too many things to do to be worrying about your outfit or underwear. That’s why House of DesNeiges has your sparkly festival ass covered with comfortable panties that stretch and dance with you, not against you like that creepy guy that believes air is deodorant.

Festivals happen across the world in vastly different places, but the one thing all these festival spots have in common is summer heat. No matter which festival you end up at, you are definitely going to be sweaty the majority of the time. Although you’ve accepted it, your clothes on the other hand, have yet to fully recover from the last bit of festival stank.

That’s why House of DesNeiges bamboo fabric lining is ideal for festival season. Bamboo fabric is actually, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and is incredibly breathable for wider spread fibers than typical fabrics. Bamboo fabric is also incredible at wicking away moisture rather than marinating in it. House of DesNeiges also offers a wide range of mesh lingerie for extra freedom and breathability, so you’ll stay cool even when the music’s fire.

What makes music festivals so special in comparison to other live music events is that it’s an all day event, starting with before breakfast and ending with dinner #2 at 3am. So your outfits longevity is just as important as your own stamina. Your festival outfit has to wake up with you, eat with you, nap with you, and dance with you with no time for breaks.

So clothes and underwear that lasts all day is as important as food and water. That’s why House of DesNeiges’ designer personally conducts her quality control to ensure that your undies can last just as long as you can and probably even longer! House of DesNeiges styles can all be mixed and matched as well to go with the flow of 3 day

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