May 27, 2018
Bralette Yourself Go

No matter how you spell it, bralettes have become the staple of a bra collection. Bralettes have become especially popular with lingerie in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more! Lucky for Asian Lingerie shoppers, House of DesNeiges does bralettes best, and there are 2 ways to bralette yourself go; 1, with the functionality and support of a bralette or 2, with the added attitude with a bralette on display.

Support & functionality: With bralettes being so dang comfortable it’s pretty easy to feel why they have become such a trend! But you should never have to sacrifice comfort for support. With House of DesNeiges bralette designs, you can choose amongst a ton of bralettes with different support levels for your sweet boobies needs. House of DesNeiges lingerie has bralettes with thin underwire and no padding, in the Petit Four collection. These bralettes, the pinwheel bra, adds just enough support to keep the babies where they need to be, but forgoes padding for a breathable mesh instead so the babies can be where they were meant to be too.

Decor & Style: Bralettes have become more than just a bra, but a style and statement piece. With celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Demi Lavato and Rihanna, wearing a bralette as the outfit piece has become a trend that any girl with confidence can pull off. And House of DesNeiges has the perfect collection for showing off your bra instead of hiding behind it. The Pastille bralette is ideal for a show off outfit because of the racerback lined with charcoal lace and complemented with a pastel breathable mesh in lavender, blue jay blue, or peachy pink. The close second in the House Of DesNeiges lingerie collection is the Layer Cake bralette. This is an all over lace bralette with sporty adjustable straps just in case you need a little extra or a little less peek - a - boo from your statement piece.

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