February 20, 2018
Bad Legs Day

I hate my legs.

There, I said it…

I do everything I can to cover them up. …it’s actually my knees mainly. I swear I can see two old men’s faces in the dimples around my knee caps! Whether they look peculiar to anyone else or not doesn’t matter to me – I’m not confident when those dimpled grandpa’s are peeping out at people! And when I’m not confident, I don’t feel sexy, and where’s the fun in that? So, while I usually harp on to everyone how ridiculous it is to hide your (self-imposed) flaws away, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break right? If dressing around, and over, my old man knees gets me up on the table dancing up a storm rather than being all insecurity-in-the-corner then so be it. We can’t be awesome and 100% self-confident all of the time right ladies?!

The same goes when it comes to lingerie. You don’t have to wear the skimpiest French lingerie to feel sexy! Buying bras, panties, camisoles, and whatnot that highlights the features you are confident about and sexys up those features you aren’t so keen on makes for Happy Hottness.  It can feel as though Sexy City has crowned you Queen and given you the key to the clubs, even if you aren’t going all Lindsey Lohan down there!

So what do you do when you’re feeling like you need a boost in the lingerie confidence stakes?

When I get a bad case of the ‘Fat Knees’ I rifle through my lingerie drawer and pull out my never-fail sheer panties (to highlight my ASSets), some hot stockings and a garter…. I bring sexy back! I believe they elongate my leg, create the appearance of defined legs where I think there is none. The perfect cure! My legs are exactly the same before I pimped ’em out, and it is so simple, but all the good feels rise beyond infinity when I’m body happy!

My good friend laughs off my knee paranoia as ridiculous, and then in the same sentence bitches that she wished her boobs were rounder! Her boobs are already great, trust me, but when she wants to give herself a little self-assurance she searches through her wardrobe for her favorite push-up bra that fits her just right or that lacy number that’s just like Whoa, Tits! Same pimping, Baby, just a different insecurity!

We can spend all day being Negative Nancy on our beautiful bodies, but for every part that you diss, I now say it is time to praise those parts that have done you well – that arse of yours that caught the eye of Boyfriend number 3 while dancing at Ultra in 2004. Or remember the bikini that kept EVERYTHING together and looking hawt that summer on the beach in Cancun? Instead of dwelling on little flaws praise the good times, and take the genuine compliments when they are thrown your way! Sometimes our crazy paranoid minds will just hate on everything about our bodies; we are so cruel to ourselves like that. But when your partner or friend calls you out for the hot jeans, or compliments your cute little cami top and what it does for your yaya’s…take those props with a huge high five. We are all HOT STUFF, but when you live with something long enough it is easy to look over it’s greatness and to pick and poke at its ‘flaws’ …Like grandpa knees for example. 

New Rule:

Let’s be fangirls of our favorite lady part from now on okay?
I’ll go first: I’m a bit in love with my ass. Jeans WORK on me you know? You probably don’t freely shout it from the roof tops, but you’ve got a favourite… whether it’s your right arm, left boob, nose or toenails… next time you’re with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine, don’t fall into the ‘I hate’ trap.. Praise your Greatness girls – Your body deserves it!